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We machine custom radar supports adapted to your sailboat and radar. Installed at half mast or stern side.
Universal Support
Price :  999.99  $
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Universal radar or wind turbine mast

Adaptable  to all types of boats

Simple installation (not included)

* 316 Stainless steel

* Mast ( 10 feet )

* Swivel base adaptable to deck
or quaterdek with an  opening to permit the wiring in the mast to the inside of the boat.

* Hardware for fastening on to quaterdeck or davit. Diameter and hardware according to your boat.
Mesuring range: U.S, 3/4 inch to 2 inches and metric 20mm to 50mm.

*Possibility of adaptig all type of wind turbines to the mast.

To manufacture the base of radar , the template of the latter is necessary.